Registration Fee

The fee to sit HPAT-Ulster in 2018 is £111 (all taxes and charges included). Payment is by credit card (MasterCard or VISA) and must be made at the time of registration.

You will receive a payment confirmation/tax invoice by email once the payment transaction is complete. The online payment option operates through ACER’s e-commerce facility via the ACER website. Credit card details are not recorded or stored by ACER but are encrypted at point of capture and transmitted directly to the bank, without entering ACER information systems.

Please note that your credit card statement may list ACER as the recipient, and a specific reference to HPAT-Ulster may not be mentioned. If you (as the person registered to sit the HPAT-Ulster 2018 test) or any other person wrongfully dispute the amount charged to the credit card provided to complete the registration, your registration may be cancelled, your results may be withheld or you may be blocked from taking further ACER administered tests.

If you do not own a credit card and cannot use a family member or friend's card, please contact the HPAT-Ulster Office for further instructions.

Refund Terms

PLEASE NOTE: Registration fees for the 2018 test will be refunded up to 5pm GMT on 26 January 2018, however an administrative charge of £35 will be deducted. Requests must be submitted online through your account and a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address if your request has been successfully submitted. There is no possibility of a refund after this date.

To receive a refund, candidates must log in to their account and select the ‘manage’ option on their registration. A confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address if the request has been submitted successfully. Candidates must request a refund before 5pm GMT 26 January 2018 to cancel their registration and receive a refund of their registration fee (less administration charges). The fee will be refunded to the credit card used for payment.