You must report to the test centre at the address and time specified on your Admission Ticket. The test itself will start approximately 45 minutes later, depending on the amount of time necessary for pre-testing procedures.

If you report to the centre after all candidates have been admitted to the testing room, you may not be admitted. No latecomers will be admitted once the test has started.

You are advised to have lunch before reporting to the test centre, as you will be occupied for many hours.

When you report to the test centre, you must bring your:

• printed Admission Ticket (with required details completed)
approved Identification document
• pencils (preferably 2B) and eraser
• blue or black pen.

Bottled water is permitted.

Note: Mobile phones, calculators, dictionaries, audio or recording devices of any kind, food (unless permission is granted by the HPAT-Ulster Office based on medical reasons) and bags will not be permitted in the test room. We will endeavour to provide storage facilities for candidate property during the testing at the test centres, but you are advised to bring only essential items to the test centre with you.