Candidates must sit the session that is allocated to them on their Admission Ticket. Your Admission Ticket will be available through your online account approximately one week before the test. Please refer to page 7 of the HPAT-Ulster Information Booklet for further information on accessing and checking your Admission Ticket.

The HPAT–Ulster test consists of 3 hours testing time. In addition, pre-testing procedures will take some time to complete. Therefore, it is not possible to guarantee start and finish times. You should anticipate your test session to take up to 4 ½ hours.

You may use the bathroom during testing time, but you must advise your proctor before you leave.  No additional time will be granted for bathroom breaks.

If you wish to query a particular test question, please alert the proctor to your concern and email the HPAT-Ulster Office after your test session. Queries will be reviewed by the HPAT-Ulster Office and you will be notified of the outcome. Similarly, any complaints relating to your test session or physical discomfort suffered should be reported immediately to the proctor on the day so the issue can be addressed without delay.

HPAT–Ulster is a high stakes test administered under secure test conditions. You may not leave the test session before the full testing time has elapsed. Candidates exiting early will not receive their HPAT– Ulster scores.