HPAT-Ulster is a high stakes test; that is, the results have the potential to make a major impact on the future career of the test taker. For this reason standard security procedures will be strictly enforced at all times.

Misconduct (whether occurring prior to, during or after the HPAT-Ulster test) means any unacceptable conduct that might result in unfairness or inaccurate results such as, without limitation:
• breach of any of the security arrangements for HPAT-Ulster
• impersonation
• attempting to remove a test book or answer sheet or part thereof, or any notes, from the testing room
• failure to follow test supervisor’s instructions at all times
• giving or receiving assistance during the test
• creating a disturbance
• using prohibited aids (including but not limited to: notes, note paper, dictionary, calculator, mobile phone, electronic devices of any kind, stationery items other than pencil, pen and eraser, etc.)
• copying another candidate’s work
• writing, marking or folding your test paper or answer sheet, during reading time or after the instruction is given to stop writing
• writing on the Admission Ticket during the test
• using the test questions, their content or information about them for purposes other than your sitting of HPAT-Ulster is prohibited. This includes: publishing the test questions or any of their content or information about them on the internet, any digital format or otherwise; and/or passing the test questions, any of their content or information about them to third parties
• the giving of false or misleading information at any stage in connection with your participation in the HPAT-Ulster test
• infringement of the "ACER" or "HPAT-Ulster" trade marks. Trade Mark infringement includes performing any act which only a trade mark owner or a person authorised by the trade mark owner may do
• infringement of copyright. Copyright infringement includes: performing those rights or authorising the performance of those rights which are granted at law exclusively to the copyright owner. These rights include the exclusive right to reproduce the copyright work in a material form and to communicate that work to the public

Infringement of copyright
HPAT-Ulster is copyright material that is owned by ACER. In addition to any penalty imposed for unethical behaviour arising from a candidate using or passing on information about test questions to a third party for the purpose of the candidate’s or a third party’s personal or commercial gain, a candidate, or a person acting on a candidate’s behalf, who infringes or misuses ACER’s intellectual property rights in HPAT-Ulster may be subject to legal action.

CONSEQUENCES for misconduct include cancelling your registration to sit the HPAT-Ulster test without any refund, withholding of your HPAT-Ulster test results or disqualification from sitting any HPAT-Ulster test (whether it is the test for which you have registered or otherwise).

YOU ARE PUT ON NOTICE that except as expressly provided at law, there is no right to challenge, appeal or seek review of any determination by ACER that misconduct has occurred or in relation to any consequences imposed by ACER for any misconduct.