Admission Guide

Admission to the Programmes

Applicants are selected for admission to the programmes at Ulster University on the basis of :

Academic Results

for Dietetics:
for all other health profession courses:


HPAT-Ulster Scores
with offers being made on the basis of HPAT-Ulster scores.

UCAS Application

You must apply through UCAS in the usual way, including Ulster University among your choices.

Course codes

B460 C BSc Hons Dietetics
B930 J BSc Hons Occupational Therapy
B160 J BSc Hons Physiotherapy
B985 J BSc Hons Podiatry
B821 J BSc Hons Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging
B822 J BSc Hons Radiotherapy and Oncology
B632 J BSc Hons Speech & Language Therapy

Please ensure you check the UCAS website for details on application deadlines.

All candidates should read the Ulster University website for course information and eligibility enquiries.

Please note: You must provide your UCAS personal ID to the HPAT-Ulster Office. If you do not have a UCAS personal ID at the time of registering for HPAT-Ulster, you should email it to us later. If you do not provide your UCAS ID, or if you give an incorrect ID, this may affect the delivery of your HPAT-Ulster results to the University.